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How to win a MAD Blog Award

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This year’s nomination stage is now well underway and the team have been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from the blogging community in our fourth set of Mad Blog Awards.

It is great to be back and reading lots of fantastic blogs.

Social media streams are buzzing with excitement about the Mad Blog Awards and it is fabulous to see parent bloggers sharing recommendations for their favourite writers and friends.

And yesterday there was much excitement among the hundreds of bloggers who have been nominated so far in our awards.

If you’ve been nominated (or are hoping to be nominated before Feb 18) we have a few tips we’ve picked up over the past four years on how to become a MAD Blog Awards finalist.


  • Display our badge on your blog: Our attractive blog badges are a fantastic way to let your visitors know the Mad Blog Awards are happening, and you won’t mind in the slightest if they head over to our site and give you a nomination. They’re also a handy way to let us know you’re happy to participate in the awards (although you can email us, too). We’ve provided simple instructions on how to add a blog badge to your site, but if you have any problems please do drop us a line or tweet us @madblogawards.
  • Write a blog post: Writing about the awards is the single best way of explaining what the awards are, and inviting your readers to nominate your blog.You might write a post highlighting why you’d like to be nominated, but if that feels a bit too sales-y, why not write a post about your own favourite blogs that you’d like to see nominated? The MAD Blog Awards are all about celebrating all sorts of parent bloggers – and we love to see bloggers joining in with that celebration.
  • Use social media to share your post:  Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are great ways to spread the word about the awards, sharing your posts on platforms will reach friends who aren’t in the blogging world and may not be quite as clued up about the Mad Blog Awards as the rest of us.
  • Keep blogging: The very best way to be an award-winning blogger is to write a fabulous blog. So, just do that!


  • Go overboard: The MAD Blog Awards bring together thousands of bloggers, and while it’s great to see conversation on Twitter, nobody wants to see Tweet after Tweet after Tweet with variations of “Nominate me or the kitten gets it” (made up example). While it’s great to share the awards on your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts, please remember it’s bad manners to spam, and certainly counter-productive.  Tweeting NOMINATE ME on the hour, every hour and private messaging all of your followers is more likely to end up with you standing on the street, peering through the window on the night of the awards ceremony.
  • Paint a sign and hang it over your local motorway sign: We cannot accept any responsibility for bloggers’ safety if they insist on doing this.
  • Tattoo ‘vote for me’ on your forehead: We feel this is self explanatory.

Good luck!

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  1. Kate (aka Makeshift Mummy)

    February 5, 2013

    Oops best raid the savings for that tattoo removal then. Oh wait I spent it all at Christmas!!!! Eeek ;-)

  2. Lisa

    February 6, 2013

    Sounds really exciting– gotta vote for my friend and my other fave blogs!

    • Jane Blackmore

      February 8, 2013

      Go go go!

  3. Actually Mummy...

    February 8, 2013

    Oh bugger. Anyone got the number for a good laser tattoo remover?

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